Hillary Clinton calls for ā€˜resistance and persistenceā€™ from Democrats
<p><a href=""><img src="" width="130" height="86" alt="Hillary Clinton calls for ā€˜resistance and persistenceā€™ from Democrats" align="left" title="Hillary Clinton calls for ā€˜resistance and persistenceā€™ from Democrats" border="0" ></a>In a video released Friday, Hillary Clinton encouraged Democrats to ā€œmove forward with courage, confidence and optimismā€ as the party prepares to rebuild after losing the White House and failing to gain majorities in either house of Congress in the November elections. The three-minute video was posted online shortly after it was greeted with applause at a Democratic National Committee meeting in Atlanta, Ga. The DNC will choose new party leaders, including a new chairperson, on Saturday. Although Clinton has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since her stunning election loss to Donald Trump, lately she has started to speak out more pointedly via her Twitter account.<p><br clear="all">

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